Case Study: Taco Bell
Great customer experience is rooted in genuine connection.

for Taco Bell

You’re great at tacos—customers love you. But how to make it easier for your customers to maximize that taco joy?

Make sure your website, mobile app, and email program are in sync. Then make sure you’ve got a clear view of your customer’s behavior across all three.

How to get after it:

Put user experience first.

Build systems that make customer behavior visible.

Adjust as you figure out what people need and want.

Essentially: use tech to make a genuine connection.

Strong results start with a strong


Start with an audit. What platforms are you working with, and are they doing the work you need them to?

That includes a couple bigger efforts:

Get SEO on point.
Make it consistent and make it thorough.

Tag all customer interactions,
so you can easily find the behaviors you’re curious about, as well as track the success of your decisions.

Message customers what they need,
when they need it—

intentional transactional and trigger notifications to help improve their experience and their retention.

Best-laid plans thrive with best-best

That looks like a whole lot o' taco campaigns.

We gamified.
We super-surprised
and double-delighted.
We reminded the people
to get their tacos.

Actualizing ideas takes real-world
You can't get the data you need without the right platforms.

So, our team set up a system that could dynamically populate email content based on customer orders and email engagement. (AKA really smart website-mobile, app-email program integration.)
Throw in a dynamic email and notification strategy, an optimized ecommerce website, and an app relaunch, and that’s one lean, mean, taco-vending machine.

How it worked out:

Taco Bell’s website and app now prioritize customer experience. And the synced-up notification strategy pushes customers to revisit the app to purchase … more often.

The information loop is complete: Taco Bell gets to the people, and the people get to the tacos.

Thanks to the Taco Bell Team. AKA the real people who made the real work.
Account Manager: Daryl Faulkner, Caitlin Leonard
Strategist: Stephen Hammill, Cher Fuller
SEO/Tagging: Malorie Morrison
Operations: Aaron Petrous
Designers: Sean Sanford, Tammi Heneveld, Eli Caudillo, Tyler Varnau, Allison Bowe, Tatiana Mac
Writers: Spencer Foxworth, Annie Russell, Elizabeth Harney