Support for diversity should look diverse.
A new identity for Emerging Leaders.
You're offering more than a foot in the door—you're offering a step toward leadership for students of color. You need a brand identity and site that are as impactful as your mission.

How to get after it:

Remove barriers to entry.

Create a new, branded website for students, employers, and potential mentors that reflects the access and inclusion that Emerging Leaders provides.

Strong results start with a strong


Show up in a way that's both real and representative of the change you're committed to making.
This means getting to know your applicants, so you can deliver, with certainty, what will make them feel seen.
Best-laid plans thrive with best-best

"I love this. I love the colors. I love the colors on the pictures. I'm blown away."
—Cinthia Manuel
Director of Workforce Initiatives

Visuals charged with the vibrancy and diversity tomorrow’s leaders bring to the table.

Voice that keeps it real while connecting with your three unique audiences.

A self-aware brand identity that helps its audience feel seen and heard.

Actualizing ideas takes real-world
                  Develop a user-friendly site in an easy-to-manage platform. Our team chose Squarespace to give all stakeholders the ability to edit and adjust as needed.
And clearly: make the site mobile-responsive. So it's easy on the eyes, and so the younger, internship-seeking audience will ... you know, actually use it.

How it worked out:

With a brand that reflects the people it’s trying to reach, and a spiffed-up site to match, applicants grew 30% in 2018.

students applied
Thanks to the Emerging Leaders Team. AKA the real people who made the real work.
Account Manager: Daryl Faulkner
Project Manager: Matt Monnin
Strategist: Cher Fuller
Designers: Max Wayt, Rebecca Pierpoint
Writers: Tyler Stenson, Elise Choi, Christine Miller, Jim Gibbons
Developers:Sonya Trachsel, Max Wayt